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Coca-Cola Critters
From various places on the web, we take a look at
some of our furry friends who also enjoy Coca-Cola...
or at least it looks that way...

We begin with the canines and Barney on our left. He's a celebrity St. Bernard with an acting carreer and is proud to be a Coke Dog.

On the right is a regular CowBeau all duded up for the Coca-Cola rodeo.

And here's a pooch who would make anyone a great companion.
He would be happy to fetch a Coke.
From his whirlwind start in the show ring, Coke is a star. He is the winningest Canadian Samoyed in breed history. Known as one of the SnowGhosts, Coke enjoys posing with the drink he was named after. They are both Number One in their class.
Moving to the smaller of the species, young Marla gets an early taste of excitement from a can nearly her own size.

Phoebe, on the right, has some brief confusion regarding dietary requirements... and the lack of a straw.

In the kennel, there's always a treat, but this guy looks like he wants something. With empty bottle in paws, maybe he's wanting a full bottle of Coca-Cola.

Young Taylor prefers Sprite. Our pup pal rests comfortably on a 2-liter in puppy dreamland.

Mardi works hard to get her tongue deep into the Coke glass to get every drop of refreshment. This Cocker Spaniel wonders, "Why couldn't my muzzle be more streamlined like a Doberman?"
In the meantime, this dog takes a quick glance and a quick lick hoping to lap up some refreshment.
And finally, there are those days when nothing seems to go right. Maybe a cold compress to the head is what's needed today and afterwards a not-so-cold can of refreshment.

Oh well... maybe we better just move onto the cats and see if they are having a better day.

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