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I'm Bella and I would love to be a spokes-model for Coke. See how I just love this can? Remember, this is MY Coke...
...MY Coke! And don't try to take it away from me because I'm Bella the attack cat, guarding The Real Thing.

Okay, so this is just a smile... here, have a Coke.

And in Buffalo, New York Tommy H lays back with his owner and enjoys a Coca-Cola. How about some chesse to go along with this? Then I'll go watch the birds and sleep for a while.
Skulking through the 24-packs is Tangles. There's nothing better to satisfy your curiosity than checking the inventory of Coke on hand.
This cat soldier stands at attention, ready for boot camp training on soft drink inventory.

But kitten cadets Mahana (brown) and Lucy (orange) would rather play than do inventory.

Inventory cat Ziggy, pictured left, takes the job seriously.

On the right, Blackie examines a pack of Diet Coke. But on the floor, Midget would rather play than do inventory duty. Oh, the things professionals have to deal with...

...After all is said and done, it's more fun to play, as this kitten pokes out of a Coke cup. I hope it's empty. I'm sure it was, most cats think water is for the birds.

And speaking of birds, maybe we need to do some bird watching on our next page...

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