Circa N/A. This plastic collectors cup shows a 1949 cardboard cutout ad. Below is what is on the cup (so you don't have to strain your eyes).

Coca-Cola - Part of a Christmas Tradition

When Americans think of Christmas, visions of sugarplums, Santa, children and Coca-Cola often come to mind. This special association is due in large part to the Swedish artist, Haddon Sundblom and the first Santa he created for the Coca-Cola Company in 1931.

Sundblom gave Santa an identifiable, human personality, one that has lasted through time. His Santa is the jolly fellow we all know, the one with the rosy red cheeks and a hearty laugh and wrinkles when he smiles.

Haddon Sundblom passed away in 1976, but the ageless Christmas tradition he created in the Sundblom Santa for Coca-Cola continues to delight people of all ages each Christmas season.