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World of Nature Cards

My father has asked me to see if I can find out anything about a set of cards he has. They were made by Coca-Cola and they are called World of Nature. Each card has a picture of an animal on it and a description of the animal. It is pre-1950, but I'm not sure when. Any info is greatly appreciated. Julia

The World of Nature cards were part of an educational series by Coca-Cola. The entire "Nature Study Series" was produced 1929-1934. It consists of 12 cards each in 8 different series. The "Native Wild Animals" set is Series 6.

According to my book, these sets were very common and large quantities were given away. With the envelope containing a series of 12 cards the value is $7. Individual cards are valued at $1 each. If you have the double sets with two series of cards per envelope, it is valued at $18. The entire set of 96 cards in the box is valued at $60.

Recently, however, I have seen a single series selling for $15. Pricing always depends on how much a collector is willing to pay for an item or series of items.

The whole set consists of the following series...

Series 1: Earth and Air and Sky (Illustrated by Lynn Bogue Hunt)
Series 2: Man's Closest Friends and Most Inveterate Enemies
Series 3: Trees and Other Plants Useful to Man (Illustrated by J. Marion Shull)
Series 4: Some Common Wild Flowers
Series 5: Among Our Feathered Friends
Series 6: Native Wild Animals
Series 7: Life In and Around the Water
Series 8: Insects, Helpful and Harmful (Illustrated by Lynn Bogue Hunt and Doris M. Cochran)