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Tray: World War I Girl

I'm sending this picture of a tray I have. Could you tell me anything about it. also a tip tray. I've been told it's a World War I girl. LCmgr2

Your trays look very interesting. These trays were originally made in 1916 and would fall in the era around World War I, as you were told. The larger, a serving tray, was 8-1/2 x 19 inches. The small one is a change tray, measuring 4-1/4 x 6 inches.

Reproductions of at least the large tray were made in the 1970's. I could not tell for sure if what you have is new or old, but from what I could see in the picture, it looks like the large tray is authentic.


The way to tell the difference between the original and the reproduced tray is that the reproduction has "reg U.S. Pat Off." under the Coca-Cola logo. The reproduction is worth around $15. The original valued at $500 in mint condition.

I can't really tell much about your change tray from the picture. An authentic 1916 change tray is worth $275 in mint condition.