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Bottles: Symbols & Numbers

My father and I was wondering if you would have any info on Coca-Cola bottles. On the bottom of our bottle in the middle is the letter O. We believe it stands for Owen Bottle Co. A little above that is the letter B. We have no idea what it means. It is a Hobbleskirt 6 ounce with raised italic letters. On the side of the bottle at the thinnest part we found 66 01. Thank you for your time. Shadow Whisperer

Well, bottles have been kind of a mystery to me, in a way. There are lots of them out there by lots of manufacturers. Thanks to CokeGirl at Soda TraderZ for the help on this one. I'm not an expert on bottles, but she is. You might want to email CokeGirl because she can probably give you more information.

You are right on target with the "O" standing for Owen Bottle Co. I checked CokeGirl's site for additional information on the "B," but I couldn't find anything.

Now as far as the numbers go, I had a theory about these being a date code identifying when the bottle was made. This may or may not be true because some of the codes seem to not follow my theoretical pattern. I originally thought that if the code was like yours, 66 01, it meant the bottle was made in the first week of 1966. That seemed to make sense until I came up with numbers like 74 38 on an old bottle and 63 91.

Well, CokeGirl helped me out here, too. There is a method to date older Coca-Cola bottles. Located on the base or along the heel of the bottle or between the heel and the labeling area are a series of (embossed) numbers, the first two separated from the remaining two numbers by a dash or a manufacturer's mark. A designation of 12-24 would indicate mold #12 manufactured in 1924. Basing that on the newer bottles, that would make your bottle from 1966, with mold #1. I'm just kind of guessing, but that seems logical. However, that doesn't seem to follow along with the book I have that indicates embossed bottles ending in the 1960's with them going to Applied Color Labeling (ACL). So, I guess that really isn't a whole lot of help. Hmmm...