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I am doing a project and I need help on the value of most common stock of Sprite. My teacher says Coca-Cola owns Sprite, so I thought I could ask you. So could you send me this quickly? My paper is due soon. Thanks a lot. Jam1

As you said, Sprite is owned by Coca-Cola, so you need to look for Coca-Cola in the listings. In trading, they use what is called the NASDAQ National Market System. In this system, each company has a symbol. By looking for this symbol in the stocks, you can find out the closing price in the newspaper or on the Internet.

There are several different divisions of Coca-Cola represented. Here are the names of the corporations and their symbols:

Coca-Cola Bottling Co Consolidated - COKE Coca-Cola Co (Coke) - KO Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc - CCE Coca-Cola Femsa SA de CV - KOF

Closing prices will change at the close of each trading day. Yahoo is a good place to get these quotes. Just go to this link:

Yahoo Finance at finance.yahoo.com

Under Yahoo! Finance, is a line saying "Enter one or more symbols below." Just enter each symbol with a space in between and you will get a list of the latest stock prices.

Also, if you know the company you are looking for and don't know they symbol, you can do a Symbol Lookup. You can then type in the name of the company or just look it up in their alphabetical listing. I used the listing to come up with Coke's symbols.

That's a cool questions and I think I've learned something here, too. Good luck on your project.