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Sprite Boy Bank

Hello, I'm hoping maybe you can help me or send me in the right direction for some help? I came across a coke cola bank that I would like to get info on. It's a heavy metal sprite boy head. It's in very good condition. The date on the bottom of the bank is Feb 2, 1875. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you MM

Well, that is something I'd be very suspicious of. I would guarantee that is some kind of reproduction. The giveaway is the 1875 date. Coca-Cola wasn't invented by John Pemberton until 1886. The Sprite Boy was created in 1942.

My guess would be the 1875 was meant to say 1975. These banks were produced in China. They have been selling on eBay for between $14 and $38. Buyers are in the range of $20. This is what's known as a fantasy item. That's something that is made to look old, but never really existed. That does not necessarily make it a bad item. These look pretty nice and some collectors would find this a nice piece to add to the nostalgia of their collection.