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Selling Bottles

My bottle collection has out grown my home. I started saving 6 packs and now I have decided to keep just one of each bottle. Any ideas on how to sell collection? The bottles go back to 1987. I started my collection with a Walmart 25 year commemorative bottle and it grew from there. I'm open for suggestions. GentleBenIII

That's neat. One thing to really keep in mind is that the value of different bottles can vary quite a bit. I can't really tell you HOW they vary or even what to look for. I've seen some bottles sell for $2-$200 with no real significant difference. Be sure to know the value of what you are selling.

EBay is a good place to sell your bottles. Try to have pictures. If a person can see what they are getting, they will probably pay more. What's nice about eBay is you can get details on the buyers from other sellers. Keep in mind, they can also get details about you as everyone can leave feedback about who they buy or sell from.

Also, you can sign up for PayPal, a free service (for buyers, I know... not sure about sellers) where you get your money right way. Also, be sure you require enough for shipping and pack the bottles well. I believe it costs $1 to post a sale item. I've heard good things about eBay and have bought from people in the past with good experiences.

A wonderful place to learn more about selling, collecting and trading bottles is at Soda TraderZ by CokeGirl. There is lots of information on bottles including bottle caps (crowncaps), markings, cleaning and price guides. Plus, you can ask questions and get a weekly mailing of The Fizz, a well-written and informative newsletter. The site and newsletter cover all kinds of bottle collecting, not just Coca-Cola.

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