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Picture: Scrapbook

My name is Mike H. In an old scrapbook, I recently discovered two Coca-Cola pictures dating back to the early 1900's.

One of these photos is of a young lady holding a cup holder with a glass of Coke. On a table next to her is an oval sign that says Coca-Cola 5 cents. It says in small print at the bottom, copyrighted 1901 by Coca-Cola Co. Published by Wolf & Co., Phila.

The other photo is of a victorian lady standing next to a Coca-Cola table (white with red roses on it). It, too, has an oval Coca-Cola sign on it. I can't read the last number on the copyright, but it says 190(?). The copyright is by Dupont.

Any information would be appreciated.
I found some information that sounds like your picture. There was a paper sign, 14-1/2 x 19-1/4 inches in size, called "Girl With Yellow Roses," which fits your description. (This picture was also used on the 1901 calendar from Coke.) The problem is that the original of this should have "copyrighted 1898 Wolf & Co., Phila." There have been a number of reproductions of this piece. One reproduction has a signature on the left corner of the table and plus (+) marks in the table. However, if your scrapbook has lots of old pictures in it, I would take this to an expert who can tell you more.
The other picture is probably of Lillian Nordica from 1904. This paper sign is the same size as the other one. Once again, I have limited information on this item, so I can't really tell you much.

I can't find anything on pictures, but if these are signs you have and the items are original, they are worth lots of money. These original signs are worth $15,000 and $12,000 respectively!

If you think these items are original, don't play guessing games. Take them to an expert for authentication. You may have a couple of extremely valuable items. Good Luck!!!

There was a trade card produced in 1902 that's 4-1/8 inches by 6-1/8 inches. This one DOES say (C)1901 Coca-Cola Co. along the woman's arm at the elbow. Published by Wolf & Co., Phila. is toward the bottom center of the card. (The color picture is actually from a calendar.) The part in script says, "I love the flavor." This is a rare card and has a suggested price of $800.