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Life-Size Santa

I have some Santas that I use every Christmas to decorate with. My father worked for Coca-Cola for many years starting in the 40's. When he retired he was a route supervisor and set up displays in the stores. I inherited these items and have quite a collection. Most of these were never displayed but some were used every year at Christmas.

One of the Santas is sitting in a sled. The other one is standing by my RV. I have looked in most all the books and can find no info on him. He is 4 feet tall and has a 46 inch waist, big black boots on his feet and he is beautiful. I also have a number of decorations that have never even been opened. The Santa has his hands formed to hold a 6 ounce bottle of Coke. I would appreciate any help you might be able to give me on this. I have searched for a long time. Sharon

It sounds like the items you have are ones provided by Coke to set up displays. These are items that were not available to the general public. Right off the bat, that makes them a collectors dream. These are specialty items and almost always carry a premium value. Being Christmas items they are even more attractive to collectors. Throughout the years, Christmas collectibles have been of extreme interest to a lot of people.

Unfortunately, I cannot even begin to give you an idea of the value on something like this. Being from the 40's, I'm sure these things are beautiful. The workmanship and quality given to items in those days was tremendous and I can only imagine how beautiful your Santas look. Even without a link to Coca-Cola, I'm sure your Santas would be quite valuable. The size alone makes the one very desirable.