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Pocket Mirrors

I recently purchased a book on antiques and noticed they listed two small mirrors that sold for $1900 and $305. I know of an out-of-the-way shop that, I believe, has both for $8 a piece. What's the chance they are fakes? Lester

Reproductions of Coke products are very common. However, it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between reproductions and the originals. Usually the first thing to look for is a copyright date. Authentic Coca-Cola products will contain the newer copyright date somewhere. Those that are not licensed products may vary.

You never know what you might get at some of these places. Sometimes people just don't know what things are worth. Another thing to do is ask the proprietor about the mirrors. If they "play dumb" about them, chances are they suspect they are not authentic.

According to what I have read, there were no early pocket mirrors. These are fantasy items and came about in the 1970's. However, if these mirrors look good and you enjoy collecting them, you will end up with nice showpieces.