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Airplane Hangers

I have a collection of Coke lithographs from 1943 depicting World War II planes and aircraft. There are 18 mint pictures, all with the Coke symbol on the bottom hand corner. Can you tell me what I have and what they are worth? Thank you, Jay

You have something really nice there and something very valuable. Your lithographs are part of a series called "Airplane Hangers," which was produced by Snyder and Black for the Coca-Cola from 1941 through 1945. These pictures were of paintings created by William Heaslip, a well-known artist and authority on military aircraft. The pictures were framed and hung in bottling plant lobbies and other places.

There were four sets in all. Set 1, from 1941-1942 consisted of 12 different pictures. Set 2 (1943), Set 3 (1944) and Set 4 consisted of 20 Airplane Hangers in each. There were 72 different planes in all.

You have Set 2 with the latest models of fighting airplanes used in combat by the Army and Navy in 1943. Planes like the Douglas B-19, Boeing B-17 and Lockheed P-38 are included. As a complete set in the original envelope and with hangers, it would be worth $1200 (2003). However, individually, each of these is worth $50 (2003). That makes your mint condition collection worth $900.00! These, however, are uncommon items and may be more of a value to World War II buffs than to Coke collectors. These could very easily bring a higher price.