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Picture: 1911 Mink Girl

Here's a picture that I have. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it. It says the following at the bottom: "Copyright 1911 Coca-Cola Atlanta GA" with a signature of "Bulkeley." It's a picture of a lady with a big huge brim hat, a mink around her neck and looks like its done in water colors, I have had the picture for over 20 years and was wondering if you could tell me anything about it or if it is sellable. Thank you, Ms. Patricia

I have seen these around and I think they are beautiful. The bad thing is, it is not an original. In fact, it isn't even an authentic Coca-Cola picture or reproduction. This fantasy sign came out in the 1970's and sold for $2. Although the author of the book considers it worthless, it is still a nice piece of art. Framed and put in a recreation room or something like that would be a nice addition of nostalgic artwork.

Sorry for the bad news. This one took a while to find. I couldn't find anything else produced for Coke in 1911. That made it hard to trace. Also note you can sometimes find these being sold on the internet. I saw some selling for $10 each.