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Mini Bottle Lighter

My uncle just gave me the "toy" I used to play with at his home some 35 years ago. It's a Coca-Cola bottle about the size of your thumb in the shape of the "known world over 6 oz Coke bottle". Both sides say Coca-Cola and under that "TRADE MARK REGISTERED" is on it. If you pull the top off its a lighter inside. The whole thing is smaller than a Bic lighter.

Have you heard of this item or know where I can get more info? Thanks. I just started my search and you're only the second I've E-mailed. Thanks again. Todd

Well, it looks like your little Coke bottle lighter is from the 1950's. To me, that's pretty neat to have right off the bat.

The normal color miniature bottle lighters were very common. In fact, without the lighter, they were sometimes called a pill box. This is valued at $25.

There is also a gold lighter that is exactly the same, except for the color. It, too, is from the 1950's, but is valued at $45.

Keep in mind that collectors may pay more or less depending on how interested they are in the item and depending on the shape it is in. Of course, it may have sentimental value to you, and in that case, it is a wonderful keepsake at any value.