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Screen Door Handle

I have an original Coca-Cola screen door pull handle, just like I remember as a child in the early 1960's. I have yet to be able to find one on the web and I'm trying to place a value to it. It is 8 inches in length, has a cast metal 3-hole flange on the top rear to attach to the door, which is painted red and says "Have a Coke." The handle is a 6 inch Coke bottle made out of plastic or resin. The Coke color is cast into the material not painted on. There is also a single hole flange on the bottom rear for attachment. Any help with this would be welcome. Matt S.

Many of these door handles made of cast-iron have been turning up on eBay. These are reproductions. The original ones were made out of aluminum or plastic and metal, like yours. The door handle shown here is from the 1950's and is manufactured by Milton Sturm & Co. out of Chicago. This item, in mint condition, is worth $300.

Original items such as these become real collectibles since they are not consumer items readily available to the general public.