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Collecting Coke Goodies

How can I purchase some of these items? MTan74

Well, some you can and some you can't purchase. I am not a dealer and don't sell my goodies. However, I have found lots of great places to buy Coke items.

If you want to look for things, check out stores like Walmart, K-Mart, Meijer and Garden Ridge. If you're near a mall, look for a Spencer's. They frequently have cool Coke stuff.

Other great places to get things are online auctions. eBay is one of the safer places to go since everyone is rated by who they deal with. Be careful! Many items aren't worth what they may be selling for. Don't pay too much for something that you can get cheaper elsewhere.

Collectors clubs are also good. There are some on Yahoo and probably many more in different online communities.

Now for the stores online. There's a lot of things at TM Collection at www.tmcollection.com. In July, 2000 The Coca-Cola Store opened at www.coca-colastore.com. This one is owned by Coca-Cola.

Well, that's a start. There's a bunch more if you go to our Merchants listing. You could also go to a search engine and put on "Coca-Cola". Google is my favorite. Good luck. Hope you find some things you want!