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Hallo!! I found your e-mail address while searching for Coca-Cola pictures and I was wondering if you could help me! My name is Photini P. I live in London and I am currently completing my MSc in Social Psychology at the London School of Economics. Right now I am doing a bit of research on Coca-Cola ads throughout the years 1930-2000. The thing is though that I've been completely unable to find any recent Coca-Cola magazine ads (1980-2000). I've contacted the company but although they did not object to my research, they could not provide me with any pictorial ads themselves for contractual reasons. I would be really grateful if you could provide me any helpful piece of information on where to find Coca-Cola magazine ads from the years 1980-2000. Thanking you in advance, Photini.
One start is right here on my site. If you go to CARDS and SERIES 1 and look at THUMBNAILS 80-100 there are magazine ads ranging from 1978 to 1992. The bad part is, these pictures have been lowered in quality and size, so they might not be as good as you need. I still have the original scans, so if you would like them in a larger, clearer size and just the ad without all the card part, I'd be more than happy to do that for you. There are also some in Series 2, but they are scattered around in the series. Altogether there are between 15 and 20 ads.
There are some great Belgian magazine ads from 1965-1987 on Luc's Coca-Cola Collections Pages at www.spaceports.com/~lumat/mainpage.htm. They are large, clear scans. Just go to ADS.

On Advertising Around the World at www.business.utah.edu/~mktrwb/adverts.htm the very first ad is a 1995 Coke ad from China.

That's about all I could find really quick.