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Bottle: Checkered Label

Hello my name is Adam. I found an old bottle when I was searching through some old miners' trash in the over grown hills where i live. I believe it is rather old because there are old gold mines everywhere. The bottle is 1pt/10fl.oz, clear, tall and says "no deposit" on the left hand side, "no return" on the right. The label is painted on and is checkered red and white. The bottom says "Not to be refilled." It also has numbers 20476-6k and 20(I)68. That is the whole description of the bottle. I was wondering if you or anyone you know would have info on it like a collectors price, how old, etc. It will be wonderful to hear from you. Sincerely, Adam

I think collecting bottles is one of the most interesting parts of collecting. There are so many different types and shapes that each one is a work of art from the past. I'm not too up on specific bottles, but here's what I can tell you.

That (I) between the 20 and 68, which I am assuming is an I with a circle around it, indicates the bottle was manufactured by Owens-Illinois Glass Co. which is in Toledo, Ohio. Bottles that were 10 ounce with the no deposit no return were made in the mid-1960's. The most common had a diamond shape Coke logo embossed on it. Others around that time had a paper label and could have been clear or green. The clear bottle was more common. The ACL or Applied Colored Labeling was also used. A mint condition bottle like this could be worth up to $150.