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Bottle Carrier & Bottles

I have some bottles in an aluminum carry case that carries 6 bottles. The handle of the case is made of steel. There are two bottles from Richmond KY, one from Lexington KY, Jelico TN, Atlanta GA and Vinta OK. I was wondering if you could tell me if they might be worth something and how much. Thanks. Taulbee35

Well, this is interesting. The first thing you have to know about Coke things is that the values in books assume like-new condition. Rust on items, wear, chips and other flaws over the years brings the values down.

Now, let's work on that bottle carrier. There have been several throughout the years. Here's somewhat of a description of aluminum carriers I can find to help you identify what you have:

  1. Stamped Aluminum, wire, Oklahoma Bottling company around Coca-Cola logo. 1940's $100
  2. Aluminum with wires dropped below cover. 6 Bottles and Coca-Cola on top "shade" portion. 1940's $150
  3. Stamped aluminum, not painted, raised Coca-Cola on long side, short side engraved Coke. 1950's $185
  4. Aluminum with DRINK Coca-Cola TRADE MARK (R) on long side. White lettering on red background. 1950's $100
  5. Aluminum with ENJOY Coke TRADE MARK (R) on long side. White lettering on red background. PROPERTY OF COCA-COLA BOTTLING PLANT on the inside. 1950's $60
  6. Aluminum with 6 BOTTLES, Coca-Cola and 25c PLUS DEPOSIT. White lettering on red background. 1950's $100
  7. Aluminum with Delicious Coca-Cola Refreshing. White lettering on red background. 1950's $50
  8. Aluminum with DRINK Coca-Cola raised lettering on long side. 1950's $100
  9. Aluminum with KING SIZE on each end of long side and DRINK Coca-Cola in center. Red lettering on white background. 1950's $100

As you can see, there are many of them. I hope this will help you identify what you have and what it might be worth.

Now, for the bottles. That is trickier. Firstly, millions of these bottles were produced. Secondly, condition is very important and some rare bottles from certain cities may be worth much more. Much of that depends on the collector.

A quick way to date the bottle is to look around the side of where the bottle is the thinnest in shape for two sets of numbers. This is a date code. One set of numbers is the year. I'm not sure what the other set is. Most of these bottles are very low in value, from 50 cents to around $8. However, it all depends on the collector and where they are from can make a big difference to a collector. I recommend checking out the Library at ColaMan's House-O-Coke: www.widomaker.com/~colaman/library.htm. This is the evolution of bottles page and it is a great guide to find out detailed information about the bottles you have and to pinpoint a time period. After that, you can figure out which number is the date. (They varied throughout the years between the first set and second set of numbers for the date, so I can't be sure not knowing the era your bottles are from.)