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Picture: Calendar Girl

I'm not a Coke collector, but I always drank Coke. Your site is wonderful. I have a Circa Coke picture from 1909 that was recently given to me. It is of a Victorian lady in a white dress, drinking a coke from a straw in a blue diamond shape label. There is a lavender border around it. It is marked registered trade mark of Coca-Cola. The name on it is called Calendar Girl. It is very old. If you could help me with value and more info I would appreciate it. Thank you. Zruktr

From the description, it sounds like your picture is from either 1912 (left) or 1910 (right).
The one from 1912 is a paper sign printed by the Ketterlinus Company in Philadelphia, PA. This original sign was 16 inches by 24 inches. The borders on this picture are not show, so I have no idea what it may say on the outside.

The picture from 1910 (the original is in color) is of the Gibson Girl. This one is 20 inches by 30 inches and originally had a metal bar at the top and bottom of the back of the picture.

Now, before I mention anything else, I must let you know that over the years, especially starting in the 1970's, there have been numerous reproductions of vintage Coca-Cola items. Some of these are licensed by Coke, but others are illegal reproductions. The first thing to look for in your item is size. If your picture is one like I attached, but the size is smaller, it is probably a reproduction. Next, look at the quality. Your picture should be very clear and sharp. Reproductions are usually a bit blurred and not of high quality. In fact, some "dealers" may actually make new items look old.

Since I don't really know what your picture looks like, I really can't say for sure exactly what you have. There is nothing I could find in the book indicating this item has been reproduced. I do know that either of these pictures, in mint condition, is worth $5000! If you think you have an original item, look for someone who is a trusted dealer in Coca-Cola items. They should be able to tell you more about your picture and if it truly is an antique.

Sorry I can't help you more and very good luck to you. I hope your picture turns out to be the real thing (no pun intended). You may have a genuine collectible on your hands.