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Nude Girl Belt Buckle

I have an antique Coca-Cola brass belt buckle and I am trying to find out what it's worth. It consists of 2 pieces, one of which slides out of the top portion. The outside is a nun and her face is a cut out oval hole where you can see the face of the woman on the inside piece. When you pull out the inside piece, you see the nun is actually a nude woman! Any clues would be appreciated. Thanks Michele!

I have a Coca-Cola creation Atlanta, Georgia made in England from minted brass. It has 3 nude women holding up the world and one nude woman sitting on top of the world with a bow and arrow. I would like to find out the value of this. Thanks ONERONI

The bikini is not part of the buckle. It just makes it look better.
Most of the belt buckles found are fantasy items. These are items that are made to look old, but items that were never actually made. The nude series of belt buckles is one of those. There are a number of nude women belt buckles and, although they look authentic, they are not. Beware of false statements on these buckles linking them to Tiffany and Coca-Cola.

These are recent creations that were not produced under the authority of the Coca-Cola Company. Many memorabilia collectors find them highly objectionable. The most infamous one is the Nude Nun belt buckle. To top collectors, this is probably one of the most hated items and is considered worthless. The fact this piece is so objectionable has made it a piece of major controversy and conversation. Most of these belt buckles are priced at $10-$15.