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Bill's Bait and Tackle

The piece that I have is a Ceramic House that is 4x4x4. It is very detailed with a small boat in front of the porch. On the porch is a Coca-Cola machine. On the roof it says "Bill's Bait and Tackle." There is a round Coke sign above the front window. On the side of the house is a Coca-Cola sign with "Bill's Bait and Tackle" and a woman answering yes to take a Coke from a hand that is holding a Coke bottle. This sign also has a round Coca-Cola sign in it. On the back of the house there is a porch with a box Coke machine with another Coke sign above it with a bottle of Coke that says "Drink Coca-Cola". The other side has a sign with a bottle on it and says "Sold Cold Here." Another sign on this side is a Coca-Cola temperature guage. The piece was made in 1995 with the number 0691 that is hand written and 892 pieces were created by Ray Day and produced by Lilliput Lane in the UK. What would this piece be worth? Thank you for replying. Mark
Well, this is one that took a bit of time to hunt down. These are very collectible items and there are a number of them out there. The one you have is called "Hook, Line and Sinker." It was retired in September 1999. The design came from a demolished farmhouse in Southern Indiana.

The number 892 designates the item number of the product. I have seen a couple of prices on this. One site (www.aggies-gifts.com/lpcoke.html) that hasn't been updated since 1997 listed it for $95. It now appears to retail for $100, although I really think it would sell for more on the auction block.

Lilliput Lane items used to be distributed by Enesco. That ended in June of this year and distribution is now being handled by Overboard Art out of Maryland. This could make the value of your collectible even more.

The Lilliput Lane site can be found at www.lilliputlane.co.uk. There is also a nice area there for collectors.

Information on Ray Day can be found at www.rayday.com. This also includes some of his other projects, including different Coca-Cola items.

Just out of curiosity, I checked eBay for this item. Nope. Most of what is sold there are newer items. That could be good news meaning the older collectibles aren't out there.

Anyway, that isn't a whole lot to go on, but it is a start. I'd keep watch on eBay, just to get an idea of what Lilliput Lane items are selling for. Hope that helps a bit and good luck on finding more information.

Thank you for your time and trouble. I paid $5 for this at a yard sale. Thank you again. Mark from southern Indiana.