Circa 1996. The "South Pole Vacation" collectors cards, featuring the Coca-Cola Polar Bears, is a 50 card set with 6 special die-cut cards. The set offers original artwork created especially for this collection.

In this comic book-like story, you follow the Coca-Cola Polar Bear and his twin cubs through their vacation at Polar World, back-to-school shopping at the Polar Mall and the twin's first day to Kinder-cub school. You can be sure there is plenty of Coca-Cola everywhere they go.

The six special chase cards feature Pop as the coach of the Polar cub's T-Ball team. All cards in this collection are shown and I typed in the description from the back of each card for easy reading. There's a link to the next card on each page so you can enjoy the entire story.

An authorized Coca-Cola product marketed by Collect-A-Card Corporation.
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