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Antique Bottle Collector's Haven (
This one is nice... and it's in English, too. Check out the awesome museum, download Belgian Coke commercials, and check out new items from Coke. This is a definite bookmark.

BottleBank (
This is the site of Simon Buckingham from Newbury Berkshire England. Talk about a large collection of cans and bottles. You've got to check this out. Unbelievable! Great pictures from Europe. Also some nice articles. You'll find this a very different site if you're used to looking at sites from the U.S.

Coca Collection (
This is a community for Coca-Cola collectors from all over the world. It includes guides on identifying Coca-Cola bottles and cans from other countries and articles of various interests to collectors. Free registration with a login and password allows access to interact with other collectors.

Coca-Cola Collectors Club (
A non-profit organization for collectors and their families who are interested in the history and Vintage and New Memorabilia of The Coca-Cola Company.

Critterbob's Coca-Cola Net (
This is where you're at. A large variety of pictures of lots of different Coca-Cola items I've collected over the years. Be sure to check out the collectors cards and the foreign Coca-Cola bottles and Coke cans.

Soda Fizz, The (
Subscribe to the Soda Fizz, a free weekly E-zine for Soda Memorabilia Collectors Worldwide. A great publication with lots of information for anyone who is a collector of all kinds of soda products, not just Coca-Cola. You'll also find previous issues of the Soda Fizz. (
In the Soda Museum there are rooms dedicted to Coca-Cola and other soft drinks. You'll also find Coca-Cola recipes and reproductions of items. There is also a store to purchase Coca-Cola collectibles.

Soda Spectrum Series (
This magazine is dedicated to soda pop collectors everywhere and of every brand - from all things Coca-Cola, everything Pepsi, or all your old independent brands. There are sections in every edition for Coke collectors, Pepsi collectors, and off-brand/old soda brand collectors. Bottles, cans, signs, machines, and all things in between. A few sample stories are available online.

Soda TraderZ by CokeGirl (
The most extensive site I've seen for information on all types of soda bottles. Great for traders and a tremendous reference for collectors. Undoubtedly the best resource for soda bottles on the Internet.

Critterbob's Coca-Cola Net - A Coca-Cola Collection