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Coca-Cola Critters

What happens when critters team up with the Real Thing? Check out these fun and sometimes bizarre pictures of animals and Coke products. There are 6 pages in all and something for most animal lovers.

Coke Quiz

Are you an expert on Coca-Cola trivia? Would you like to learn more about Coke? Try this 10 question quiz to test your knowledge. You get a score and answers at the end. It's all for fun; nothing saved or emailed.

Word Seek

Find all the words associated with Coca-Cola in a word seek puzzle. Words can go up, down, left, right or diagonally.

Sliding Puzzle

3 tiles by 4 tiles with one missing. Slide them around and get the Coke lady in the proper order.

Coke Match-It

Remember the game Concentration? Okay, you're not that old. Well, there's 10 sets of pictures, each covered. Uncover the Coke product, remember where it is and match it up with its mate. Each time a set is removed, a portion of cool hidden picture is revealed.

Flip- Switch

3 pictures in 3x3 rows all jumbled up. Click on one part and the associated row and colum switch to the next picture. Keep switching until you have the whole picture match. This is a tricky one!

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Did you enjoy Word Seek, Sliding Puzzle, Match-It or Flip-Switch? These free Java applets and more are waiting for you at The Applet Depot. These applets are Copyright ©1998-2000 by Eric Harshbarger.