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Coca-Cola Critters

They track in mud and get into your Diet Coke. They are ferrets and they are even more curious than cats. Things go better on the floor with these guys.
This ferret's named Fatboy. He's obviously watching his figure by drinking only Diet Coke.
Sometimes it's fun to try to be like the Coca-Cola Polar Bear. A lick or two of soda is okay for ferrets, most of whom have quite the sweet tooth, but too much is bad for their teeth. Maybe this one should stick with Diet Coke, too.
In Africa Africa, we discover that camels don't necessarly store wather in those humps.

And monkeys enjoy the taste of Coke as well.

Back at the ranch, this horse gulps down some Diet Coke. It's important to stay in shape and be thirst-free when it's time for that big race.
And ranchers know that they need to keep the herds happy. This goat seems to be enjoying a bit of refreshment.

But if you think seeing these critters drinking Coke is a little squirrely, check out what's on our next page...

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