Circa 1985. This is the legendary New Coke. This can comes from a 12-pack and has a metallic look like the cans today.

Now, some suspected the creation of New Coke was a ploy to boost sales. It was, but not like people may think. It was a marketing strategy that went to the dark side. Here's the story.

It was the mid 80's and Coca-Cola was having a rough time in the cola race. In 1982, Diet Coke was introduced, which was now the number 3 soft drink. It was sweeter and tasted more like Pepsi. Plus the taste tests of Pepsi versus Coke were showing more people preferred the taste of Pepsi. This was taking sales away from Coca-Cola.

What could they do to boost Coke sales? How about changing the formula? Dumb move, but they did it. On April 23, 1985 New Coke was in the stores. Coca-Cola fans were outraged. Millions of Americans hated the taste of New Coke. They let Coca-Cola know it, too, fearing the demise of their favorite soft drink. So, on July 11, 1985, it was announced Coca-Cola would return to the original formula, which would become Coca-Cola Classic. The New Coke later became Coke II in 1990.

Gaining in popularity, in 1996, Coca-Cola Classic became the number one soft drink in the cola wars.