Circa 1985. This is a unique one, folks! It's an experimental recyclable plastic can that was test marketed in Columbus, Georgia in October, 1985. It's a neat idea, but, environmentalists were concerned about the environmental threat of these cans. Although labeled recyclable, there was no workable method to recycle them. It is made of 3 different materials: aluminum (top), soft plastic (labeled area) and hard plastic (base). The idea was scrapped in April, 1987.

Also, did you notice how out of shape the can is? I don't think that would have been too good either, but it has been around 14 years and people don't keep cans that long (normally). The plastic is too flexible and it kind of squished in. Very ugly! A couple of neat things, though, the bottom is clear and beneath the Coke Classic logo is clear... you can see the Coke inside!