The Hatfields and McCoys Continued

The final straw came during the 1882 elections at the home of Jerry Hatfield. As the whiskey flowed, Ellison Hatfield made remarks to Tolbert McCoy over Tolbert not being paid for a fiddle bought by Bad Lias Hatfield. There, Roseanna's brothers Tolbert, Pharmer and Bud stabbed Devil Anse's brother Ellison 26 times and shot him in the back to finish him off. Three days later, the brothers were killed, despite cries from their mother.

Later there would be an ambush, a New Year's Day house burning, a battle at Grapevine Creek and finally a hanging in Pike County to end the feud. Before this 20 year-old feud ended in 1891, a total of 13 had died. The later details of this feud can be found at this link.

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