Circa 2002. This is a six-pack of 8 ounce bottles celebrating the reunion of the Hatfields and McCoys in Pike County, Kentucky. This reunion takes place every year in June to remember their history.

Story of the Hatfields and McCoys

Everyone's probably heard about the Hatfield's and McCoys and some may think it's just folklore. Not at all. On either side of the Tug Fork River, the Hatfield's lived in Logan County West Virginia (now Mingo County) and the McCoy's resided in Pike County Kentucky. Had it not been for the Civil War, this feud may never have started.

In 1863, when West Viginia was admitted to the Union, Devil Anse Hatfield, being a Southern sympathizer, realized he had to protect his property. He formed the Logan Wildcats, who patrolled the river's banks. On the other side of the bank, Harmon McCoy defied family loyalties and joined the Northern forces. When he was discharged on Christmas Even 1864 of a broken leg, he was threatened and finally tracked down and killed by the Wildcats.

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