Circa 1997. This is a reproduction of the Hutchinson bottle like ones used around 1894 through the early 1900's. These used a cork or rubber stopper, held in by the pressure of the contents of the bottle. The stopper went down into the bottle and had a wire looped out of the top. In order to open the bottle you would have to hit the metal loop with the palm of your hand and push the stopper into the bottle. When you did this, it made a pop. That's where the term soda pop came about.

Obviously, with the stopper pushed down into the bottle, it left that nasty cork and sometimes broken pieces of cork in the beverage. This wasn't the most desirable. For this reason, it wasn't long before these bottles were retired for straight-sided bottles with bottle caps.

If this bottle were original, it would be valued at $3500.00! Marketed by Sunbelt Marketing Group, Inc.