Circa 1998. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of bottling Coca-Cola, this set of miniatures shows the evolution of the Coca-Cola contour bottle. This set was assembled in the USA and market by the Sunbelt Marketing Group, Inc. The bottle information on the box is as follows:

1899: The earliest bottles known to contain Coca-Cola were of the Hutchinson stoppered variety. The words Coca-Cola appeared in either block print or script lettering on the bottles and embossing usually designated the city where the bottle was originally filled. These bottles were used only briefly by fewer than a dozen bottling works just after the turn of the century.

1900: Crown top straight-sided bottles replaced the heavier cruder Hutchinson bottles in the early 1900's. All of these straight-sided bottles had a paper label identifying the product they contained and bore the Coca-Cola trademark embossed in script lettering as well. Since many of the bottles produced before 1910 were finished by hand they contained many imperfections.

1915: The inevitable confusion generated by such diversity and imperfections in the straight-sided bottle led to the adoption of the now famous hobbleskirt bottle. The prototype of this bottle had a much more exaggerated hobbleskirt shape and was never put into production. This prototype bottle led to the design of the more streamlined contour bottle.

1915: The first patent for these hobbleskirt bottles was issued on November 16, 1915 to the Root Glass Company. This paptent was renewed on December 25, 1923, thus creating the Christmas bottle. This bottle became very popular among collectors. On the base plate most of these bottles bear the name of the city where they were first filled.

1957: In 1957 The Coca-Cola Company decided to eliminate the traditional embossing of its trademark on the bottle and replace it with Coca-Cola in white Applied Color Labeling (ACL). In 1960 the hobbleskirt bottle was registered as a trademark becoming only the second package to be registered as a trademark in this country.

1986: As the ACL process became more sophisticated a two color, full wrap ACL label was developed. The white Coca-Cola trademark on a red background gave the bottle a very colorful appeal. This two color version was used predominantely in the international markets. 1986 marked the 100th Anniversary for Coca-Cola.