One of the more enduring phrases in Coca-Cola advertising, "The pause that refreshes™" was first used in 1929, but continues to be used to this day. Shown here is a red and green magazine ad that appeared in The Saturday Evening Post on September 21, 1929. This is one of the series of ads depicting ordinary people enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola. The ad reads...

Each busy day tends down-hill from that top-of-the-morning feeling with which you begin. Don't whip yourself as the day begins to wear. Pause and refresh yourself with an ice-cold Coca-Cola, and be off to a fresh start.

The wholesome refreshment of Coca-Cola has made it the one great drink of the millions. A perfect blend of many flavors, it has a flavor all its own - delicious to taste and, more than that, with a cold after-sense of refreshment.

It is ready, cold and tingling, at fountains and refreshment stands around the corner from anywhere.

THE BEST SERVED DRINK IN THE WORLD - A pure drink of natural flavors served ice-cold in its own bottle - the distinctive Coca-Cola bottle.

Over 8 Million A Day. It had to be good to get where it is.