See back of card.
It Will Refresh You. After Sundblom's artwork was approved by The Coca-Cola Company, it would be used in many different ways. Here the 1932 "Jimmy" artwork appears in a Saturday Evening Post advertisement. You'll see that Coca-Cola's own artist has added a bottle cap to the lower left hand side of the image and will assist you with your Holiday plans by offering a free book on "How to Entertain" with the purchase of Coca-Cola.

It will refresh you, too... And you'll welcome this Book to brighten holiday entertaining. Coca-Cola always brings a refreshing pause. Old Santa calls it ice-cold sunshine. Be prepared with a few bottles in your refrigerator. Everybody welcomes the taste thrill it gives with holiday foods. And you'll welcome the new book offered by Coca-Cola - written by a famous authority, 128 pages, illustrated, covering every phase of home entertaining. * * * Use the coupon on this page.

Send for a copy Today - Among its 31 brilliant chapters telling you how to entertain is this one: Celebrating Holidays Gaily (Parties for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Mardi Gras, Easter, Labor Day, Halloween)